Zoot Suit Killers — Irwin Goodman

59.IS49.gaynor-506x380On November 3, 1942, Irwin Goodman was a father of two and a mathematics teacher at at William J. High School in Williamsburg, New York. When he was checking the halls before morning classes he found, a 19 year old and 16 year old, both had dropped out of school, caught both boys smoking in the bathroom, and escorted them to the principal’s office where they were lectured by the assistant principal and sent out of the building.

Goodman starting heading to his morning classes down the stairs of the back hall when a shot rang out and went into his back. The two boys had gone home and gotten their .32 caliber automatic pistol to take care of Goodman “good.” Both boys ran away, cleaned up, and hid the pistol in the hamper of their homes. Goodman left behind his wife and children, and both boys were charged with 1st degree murder.

To help honor Irwin Goodman


4 thoughts on “Zoot Suit Killers — Irwin Goodman

  1. I was in first grade at P.S. 49 when we learned of this murder. We were frightened and outraged by this unconscionable act with anti-Semitic overtones. Joseph Dorinson

  2. Such a tragic case. Did the Goodman family stay on in Brooklyn? Whatever became of the two assailants, I can’t find records of whether they were released or not….R.I.P. Mr. Goodman.

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