Our position is that no contribution is too small, and we are encouraging everyone in America to be a contributor to the project. We have already received some donations from school children who want to be a part of our efforts, and this is very heart-warming. With the several large cash donations, countless smaller gifts and even some non-cash gifts we have raised over $250,000 of our goal of $300,000.

The Levels of Giving

To be a Diamond Apple Donor and be listed on the Wall of Donors
For Profit Companies $10,000
Not for Profit or Individual Donors $5,000

To be a Ruby Apple Donor and be listed on the Benches
Donate at least  of $2,000

To be an Emerald Apple Donor and have an engraved brick
Donate at least of $250

To contribute today online, please click on the PayPal Link below



or send checks to

National Teachers Hall of Fame
1 Kellogg Circle, Campus Box 4017
Emporia, KS 66801

11 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Memorial for Fallen Educators is a tremedous thing for not only the Emporia State Univesity campus, but for all of the families, friends and educators that have gone thru this.

    • It is located on the Emporia State University campus but it is managed and maintained by the National Teachers Hall of Fame. We hope everyone will take time to visit and share in the vision.

  2. My wife and I bought a brick in commemoration of fallen educators and as a gift of appreciation for my induction into the National Teachers Hall Of Fame.
    It is a privilege and an honor to be associated with this organization!

  3. My wife and I bought an engraved brick to commemorate fallen educators and also as a gift of appreciation for my induction into the National Teachers Hall of Fame.
    It is a privilege and an honor to be associated with this organization!

  4. Here’s something that YOU can DO after the horrific killings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida
    Help memorialize these teachers:
    Geography Teacher Scott Beigel died protecting students at Parkland, Florida
    Beloved football coach Aaron Feis died in the Florida shooting after shielding students from bullets

  5. I am a retired writer and photographer in the SF Bay area, and I am proposing a National memorial on this sad topic. Has anyone done a FB page for this effort? I would like to help as a writer and editor, and if a FB page does not exist I would like to launch one. They are very beneficial as a sharing place and a Touchstone for these very serious matters. Please advise.

    Dan Baker
    Dublin, CA 94568
    925 216 5507

  6. My name is Annette Barrows. I am the daughter who witnessed Michele Barrows hit by a car and killed while she was working as a crossing guard on August 30, 2018. I am honored that this community has honored my mother along with countless others like her. These people were ripped out of friends and families lives because of hatred or carelessness. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  7. Is there a way to find out if my brother’s name is in the memorial to fallen educators, or if it would be possible to have it placed there? My brother was Omar Tripp, shot down by a student at Whitharral High School in Whitharral, Tx. in 1977. He was a teacher there and had just become the principal.

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