Wanted Nothing More than to be a Cop – Dwayne Anthony Reeves

A. Reeves

Dwayne Reeves, was the son of a cop, wanted nothing more than to be a cop. He was trained like a cop, conducted himself like a cop, and died like a cop.  Special Officer Dwayne Reeves was shot and killed as he and his partner approached a car outside of Weequahic High School at 2:00pm on July 18, 2005. The officers had just broken up a fight between two female students and were talking with the girls when two men, one of whom was the brother of one of the girls, pulled up in a car and opened fire, striking OfficA. Reeves 1er Reeves in the head and Officer Reeves’ partner in the hand. Officer Reeves’ partner was able to return fire and shot one of the suspects in the stomach. Officer Reeves was taken to University Hospital where he died from his wounds.  Officer Reeves had served with the Newark School District Police for 3 years, and worked a second job with the Newark Housing Authority Police for a total of 4 years. He is survived by his wife and several children.

To help honor Dwayne Reeves


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