Stabbed with a Nail File — Murray O. Kennedy

kennedyMurray O. Kennedy was a  principal in the Barrow County school system for 14 years and since 1983 spent his time as the principal of Bethlehem Elementary school in Bethlehem, Georgia. Mr. Kennedy was known for being a no nonsense administrator. On November 19, 1986 two children were fighting in the hall when Mr. Kennedy separated them and disciplined them. The next day one of the children’s mothers and the child came to Mr. Kennedy’s office to discuss the previous day’s events. The yelling started immediately and Mr. Kennedy called in the local police to remove the mother and child from his office. Mr. Kennedy tried to calm the mother when the child lunged at him stabbing him four times with a nail file. Mr. Kennedy never recovered from his injuries and passed away later that day on November 20, 1986.

To help honor Murray O. Kennedy


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