Sometimes a Murder Weapon Isn’t External –Carnel Cook

Cook' cook1On Wednesday, September 29, 1999 at Tri-Cities High School, in East Point, Georgia as lunchtime came to a close a fight broke out between two male students in the gym’s lobby.  School police officer Carnel Cook responded and took one of the boys to the assistant principal’s office. While in the office, pepper spay was accidentally discharged into the air so Carnell moved the disruptive boy down to his office, which was closer to the cafeteria.  After getting the boy to his office, Carnel collapsed and died.  The boy was arrested and charged with obstruction and involuntary manslaughter. It was ruled that Carnel suffered a heart attack that was caused by the stress of the events. Carnel left behind a wife and three children.

To help honor Carnel Cook


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