Some Kind of Dispute, the Sam LaCara Story

LaCaraSam LaCara was a lifelong educator (21 years of service) in the Placeville Union School District in California. LaCara was hired out of California State University as a PE Teacher for Edwin Markham Middle School. LaCara was considered by colleagues to be a fierce competitor but fair. LaCara worked as a teacher and coach before moving into administration as the assistant principal and finally as the principal at Schnell School. In 2008, under LaCara’s leadership, Schnell School received distinctions as a Title 1 Academic Achievement Award School as well as an Honorable Mention California Distinguished School.

On Wednesday, February 2, 2011 LaCara and long time friend, janitor of Sam-LaCara-familythe school had some kind of dispute which culminated in a shot being fired into LaCara’s torso. LaCara was pronounced dead at the local hospital at 11:16 a.m. It was later discovered that the janitor was upset about not having much input in the hiring of a nighttime janitor.

LaCara left behind his wife and three daughters.

To help honor Sam LaCara


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