Red Lake Shooting — Neva Rogers & Derrick Brun

image682611The Red Lake massacre was an incident of spree killing that occurred in two places on the Red Lake reservation in Red Lake, Minnesota.  The murders began on the morning of March 21, 2005, when a 16 year old killed his grandfather and grandfather’s girlfriend. He then took his grandfather’s police vehicle to Red Lake Senior High School, where he shot and killed seven people on the school campus. The Shooting ended when the teen took his own life.

neva rogersNeva Rogers was a teacher with a strong connection to the Red Lake Community, and the residents were happy for that. Rogers was an English instructor and adviser to the yearbook and the student newspaper, helping students prepare sports reports and, with spring nearing, profiles of graduating seniors.  A blond-haired woman in a sea of dark-haired American Indians, she was well-known and liked.  She was planning a summer trip to Alaska with her boyfriend when she died at the age of 62.

jeff_weise_v01_derrick_brunDerrick Brun was remembered as a gentle spirit who loved the kids he guarded at Red Lake High School, his Alma mater. Brun was a former police officer and was taking classes to be an emergency medical technician. Brun, the youngest of five children, had started working as a school security guard who had gone through a divorce. His daughter passed before him with a medical condition. Brun gave his life trying to protect his school.

To help honor Derrick Brun and Neva Rogers


One thought on “Red Lake Shooting — Neva Rogers & Derrick Brun

  1. Derrick Brian Brun is the son of the American Revolution. He is the distant cousin of the man with the disability, John David Sigler.

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