Mr. Cheshire 1867

February 16, 1867: Knights Ferry, California, Mr. McGinnis was shot and killed by his daughter’s teacher, Mr. George T. Cheshire,   after McGinnis threatened the teacher for expelling his daughter from school. When McGinnis’s son learned of this, he went to the school and killed the teacher.

one room school house circa 1860s
Text from the Daily Alta California, Volume 19, Number 7084
“Terrible shooting affray at Knight’s Ferry — One Man Killed and another supposed to be mortally wounded.
Stockton, Feb. 16th- A terrible shooting affray occurred at Knight’s Ferry yesterday morning, which resulted in the death of one man, and very severely wounding another–Mr. McGinnis and Mr. George T. Cheshire.  Cheshire was a school-teacher, and turned a daughter of McGinnis out of his school.  For this, McGinnis sent the teacher word that he would horsewhip him.  Yesterday forenoon McGinnis attacked Cheshire, when the teacher succeeded in getting him down two or three times, the last time telling McGinnis that if he attacked him, he would shoot him.  McGinnis again approached Cheshire when the latter shot four balls from a revolver into the body of McGinnis killing him on the spot.  A son of McGinnis, soon after, shot the teacher , the ball entering the head of Mr. Cheshire a little above the right ear, passing through the brain.”
Mr. Cheshire passed from his injuries later that same day.

To help honor Mr. Cheshire


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