It shouldn’t happen in towns like Lewistown — Henrietta Smith


On December 4 ,1986 a state girls’ basketball tournament was underway at the Fergus High School in Lewistown, Montana. About eight substitutes were called in by the Vice Principal, John Moffatt to help cover classes. Henrietta Smith was asked to sub for the foreign language teachers, in fact Henrietta was one of the few qualified substitutes that could teach foreign language. A 14 year old freshman walked in and shot Henrietta and killed her. To the rest of the school with the cinder block hallways and concrete floors it simply sounded like someone dropped a book. The vice principal was on his way to check on the subs when he heard the noise and went to investigate nearly running into the shooter. He was shot in the left side of the torso but did survive his injuries. The shooter was apprehended and tried as an adult. As for the reason of the shooting, the student had been failing his French class and had been threating the life of the regular French Teacher, who had just happen to be gone that day.

To help honor Henrietta Smith


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