Infraction in the Rules — Miss Irene Fann

0_0_7223_9629June 12, 1887: Cleveland, Tennessee Will Guess went to the school and fatally shot Miss Irene Fann, his little sister’s teacher, for whipping his sister the day before for an infraction in the school rules.

“Chattanooga, Tenn. June 11. Cleveland, Tenn., is in the wildest excitement over developments today in the shooting of Miss Irene Fann… It was supposed the killing was accidental, but it now develops that it was cold-blooded murder.  On Thursday ‘the shooter’ was passing the school where Miss Fann is teaching.  He had a rifle in his hand, pointed it playfully at Miss Fann, when the weapon was suddenly exploded, killing the unfortunate lady instantly.  Now it is learned that he killed Miss Fann because she whipped his little sister for an infraction of the rules of the school.  The authorities are investigating he case. ‘The shooter’ has fled.” – From a contemporary newspaper.

To help honor Miss Irene Fann


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