Go Cool Off — Joseph K. Piasecki

piasecki 2 A science teacher at Chelsea High School near Ann Arbor, Michigan, fatally shot Superintendent Joseph Piasecki and wounded Principal Ron Mead and teacher Phil Jones. The teacher had been reprimanded for making inappropriate remarks about a female student, and responded by filing a grievance.

At a Dec. 16, 1993, meeting in Piasecki’s office to discuss the grievance, Leith became angry and stormed out, carrying a copy of his personnel file. with the goal of going home and cooling off.  But he did go home; he didn’t cool off.

At his home, a haven he had built on 10 acres near Chelsea, he kept firearms he had begun collecting in 1986. The more guns he amassed, the more he wanted. By the day ofpiasecki his grievance meeting, his collection had grown to four handguns and seven long guns, including an AK-47 assault rifle.

The teacher went into a rage and grabbed his newest gun — a 9-mm Browning, semi-automatic handgun and sped back to the school. In his office, Piasecki was still meeting with Mead and Jones, a teacher and union officer. As the door opened, the teacher faced Piasecki across a desk. Mead, on his right, and Jones, on his left, sat with their backs to him.
The gun was pulled from his pocket and several shots fired at Piasecki, and then, as Mead dove for cover, fired at him, striking him in the left leg, then at Jones, grazing his abdomen.

The science teacher immediately realized what he did and fled the office. He was caught later that day.

To help honor Joseph Piasecki


2 thoughts on “Go Cool Off — Joseph K. Piasecki

  1. IS this the Joe Piaseckii who attended DeVilbiss High School in Toledo and graduated from there? Reason I am asking is we are having our 55th class reunion Aug 5-6 in Toledo, and if he was born in 1946, yes…the age fits. [what happened to the guy that shot him?]–Jon Everhart cell-419 205 5310 joneverhart@hotmail.com

  2. One of the nicest people ever. I knew him as an administrator at Adams when I worked as a student assistant in the office (1974). One of the nicest people ever. A FB group was discussing this event just today (9/18/2022) he may be gone these many years but not forgotten. He was a truly GOOD person.

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