Camouflage Clothing — Peter “Pete” Christopher

10263237-largeA 37 year old former student wearing camouflage clothing entered a middle school on November 7, 1994 opened fire with a shotgun, killing a custodian, Pete Christopher, and wounding three other adults, Jim Anderson, Thomas Schmidt, and Lowell Grimm. No children were hurt.

Police said the gunman entered the school and asked for Jim Anderson, 47, the assistant principal, then shot him in the lower back and buttocks. The custodian, Pete Christopher, 41, was killed when he confronted the gunman, said police.

The gunman then went running down the hallways, shooting Thomas Schmidt, 47, and a police officer, near the main entrance. Mr. Schmidt was listed in critical condition. Lowell Grimm, 50, a teacher, was also shot and in critical condition. There was no clear motive for the shooting.

To help honor Peter Christopher



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