Always wanted a Lincoln Town Car — Isaac Perez

35084_3700_4545_XTPLSKNCAR_1_1050347215Isaac Perez always wanted a Lincoln Town Car. Even when his cousin would poke fun of him, calling it an old man’s car, Perez never wavered. He wanted a Town Car. In April of 2002 he was finally able to purchase one of his own. The last images of Perez seen alive came from a security camera at Ruth Fyfe Elementary School as he was forced into the driver’s seat of his car and then drove off on May 10, 2002. The video appears to show Perez being carjacked by a 16-year-old suspect that night at the school where Perez was the night custodian.

Police said there didn’t appear to be any connection between Perez and the 16-year-old suspect of Las Vegas, who was accused of killing two people and shooting a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper in a five-hour spree that included two carjackings and a police chase.

There was too much that just wasn’t right for the family members. When he was forced to drive off, Perez left the doors of the school unlocked, a vacuum cleaner outside and his cleaning cart sticking out a door.

When Perez, who was forced to drive the Town Car, spotted a trooper who had pulled a car over on the Eastern Avenue exit ramp off U.S. 95, he appeared to try to get the trooper’s attention. It was apparently a move that cost him his life.

To help honor Isaac Perez



One thought on “Always wanted a Lincoln Town Car — Isaac Perez

  1. Damn dawg I still remember you and your cousin Eric. I was just a youngster running around making a mess while you cleaned the school for us and make it look all nice and clean I always looked up to both of you guys because you guys reminded me like big brothers may you rest in paradise my dear friend I also remember that mural they made for us at Ruth fyfe it was badass may you rest in paradise dawg 🙌

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