Always about Safety – Rev. Ollie C. Johnson

O. JohnsonThe Rev. Ollie C. Johnson was a minister of a local parish in Plainfield, New Jersey and electrician for the Plainfield Board of Education for more than 15 years. He loved working with local townspeople and with the children and staff at Plainfield local schools. He was known for always sharing a smile and kind words no matter what situation he was in. Rev. Johnson was born, raised and worked in his hometown and wouldn’t have it any other way. On March 12, 2005 Rev. Johnson went to work at the school board building when a freak electrical accident took his life. His family and friends knew him to always be concerned about safety, but something was different that day. He was 69 when he passed but will be remember forever by his town.

To help honor Rev. Ollie C. Johnson


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