Acushnet Charm — Carole A. Day

Originally an agricultural community embracing the headwaters of the Acushnet River, the residential town of Acushnet had retained its rural atmosphere into modern days. Through the 1800s, the town was the site of water-powered factories and boat yards; in the 1990s, the town hosted construction, manufacturing and agri/aquaculture industries. It is the original home of the Titleist golf ball. Acushnet is a quiet friendly community with a population of 10,607 people, with many miles of winding, country roads. Residents take great pride in the town’s schools and the safety of the community.

dayOn April 14, 1993, school was in session at Albert Ford Middle School, when a 48 year old man entered with a 12 gauge shotgun. He corralled the principal, librarian, and school nurse (Carole Day) into the principal’s office. As Carole turned to go through the door the man shot her in the back. With the commotion, Principal John Tavares immediately grabbed the barrel and wrested it from the gunman. The frightened students ran through the hallways until school officials were able to calm them down.

During the trial psychiatric testimony indicated the gunman suffered from delusional paranoia and imagined he was the subject of an expansive murder conspiracy involving the CIA and his father. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and taken straight to Bridgewater State Hospital.

To help honor Carole Day


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