A Mentor and a Friend — Eugene Segro

SegroMr. Eugene Segro, a popular history teacher and basketball coach at Bermudian Springs High School for several years, died tragically on April 24, 2003 in a school shooting. He was 51. After leaving Bermudian, Mr. Segro moved into the field of school administration. He served as vice principal, and then principal, at Red Lion Area Junior High School for a total of 15 years. Red Lion was the site of the shooting, in which a 14-year-old male student entered the cafeteria before classes began, armed with three handguns. He shot Mr. Segro at close range with a .44 Magnum and then fatally shot himself with a .22-caliber pistol in front of approximately 350 students. His motive has never been established. Mr. Segro was a mentor and friend to many athletes at BSHS and RLAJHS.

To help honor Eugene Segro


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