A Heavy Hand with a Velvet Glove — Dale Breitlow

BreitlowDecember 1, 1993 at Wauwatosa West High School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. 21-year-old former student returned to his high school to kill his former associate principal, Dale Breitlow. Breitlow had tried to direct the former student down the correct path through all of his high school years. Yet the student could think of nothing but blaming Breitlow for the former student’s misfortune. The former student entered the school and went to the second floor where he confronted Breitlow. Breitlow asked the former student “What are you doing in here?” Witnesses said they heard three shots and Breitlow fell to the floor. The school went into immediate lock down and the former student fled the building.

Breitlow was a well liked family man who was easy to work with and respected by most. Students described him as being a disciplinarian with a heavy hand in a velvet glove. There was never a time that he would sit and just listen to the students.

To help honor Dale Breitlow


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