A Fine Artist — Samson L. Freedman

leedsMS_nameOn February 1, 1971, at Morris E. Leeds School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Teacher Samson L. Freedman, 56, was having a normal day. The art teacher had wrapped up his grading and was heading home on that sunny, but brisk Monday afternoon.  As Freedman left the building he was ambushed from behind by a 14 year old student that Freedman had suspended earlier in the day for cursing in the hallway. The student gave no warning before firing a .45-caliber gun at the back of Freedman’s head. His death was instantaneous. His 25 year career ended with an execution style shooting which he never saw coming. Freedman was a gentle, unassuming man who wrote comments in pencil on the bottoms of the ceramic sculptures that his students made. He was a strong, respected voice in the community, a beloved teacher, and a fine artist.

To help honor Samson L. Freedman


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