A Man “Makes a Difference” — Forrest L. Willey

520e93e758d00 preview-300 On October 5, 1966 a 15 year old student approached the Grand Rapids Middle School with a loaded .22 caliber pistol.  He shot and seriously wounded one of his intended targets, 14 year old Kevin Roth. The Director of Secondary Education, Forrest L. Willey, came to the scene, confronted the boy, and attempted to take the gun away from him before anyone else was shot. Willey was shot multiple times in the process and collapsed.  The boy fled the school property and after firing a few shots at the police from behind a tree, finally surrendered his weapon.

Forrest L. Willey died attempting to save an indeterminate number of persons from being shot. With no concern for his personal safety, he risked and gave his own life to prevent the serious injury and possible death of young people in his district.

To help honor Forrest Willey


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