Anthony Annunziata

MX-B402_20140520_141759Lifelong educator, Anthony Azzunziat, was a 20 year business education teacher in New Haven, Connecticut at Wilbur Cross High School. He taught kids the importance of a dollar and a strong business mind in any career one could imagine. He helped the students start a student run store, where students learned practical hands-on experience of the ideas taught in the business class.  On December 14, 1978 Anthony was helping run this store when a 17 year-old approached the store at gun point for the $135 that the students had in the cash box. When Anthony refused to give it over, he was shot. There was no apparent connection between Anthony and the robber. Anthony died on the operating table later that day. The $135 was left behind and the robber rushed away. He was apprehended, hiding in his attic later that same day.

Anthony’s widow would not let this event define her life and decided to give her husband a second life of teaching in her new career of teaching which she started training for after her husband’s death. Another positive that came from this tragedy was the city Education Department hired security guards to patrol the high schools and some middle schools, giving more security to students overall.

To help honor Anthony Annunziata


3 thoughts on “Anthony Annunziata

  1. He was a great teacher and a kind man. Remember him well. He had a good repor with the students. It was a tragic loss.

  2. After all these tears he is still in my thoughts. He was my friend and gave me all the time I needed to purchase an engagement ring. The ring has endured 56 years, three great children and nine grandchildren. Thanks Tony.

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