1992 The Lindhurst High School Shooting

BrensOn May 1, 1992 a distraught 20-year-old former student of Lindhurst High School in Olivehurst, California entered the school and started shooting anyone and anything that he considered a target.

The former student’s first target was his former Civics teacher, Robert Brens, who flunked the shooter in 1989 and one of Brens’ current students. The shooter continued his attack by taking over 70 students hostage for 8 1/2 hours before giving up to authorities.  He wounded nine students, one other teacher, and killed three students in addition to Robert Brens. Of the deaths, only one died instantly. Mr. Brens hummed quietly to himself as he bled to death. Robert Brens was 29 years old when he died.

To help honor Robert Brens


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