Thomas Prinz





DAYTON. Ohio (UPI) A high school dropout, who stabbed a young football coach to death while the victim’s bride and 60 p layers watched in stunned horror, was charged today with first degree manslaughter. The coach. Thomas Prinz, 21, was cut down with a butcher knife during a scrimmage Tuesday. His wife of less than two months stood 20 yards away. The players were unable to move quickly enough to prevent the stabbing. When they saw Prinz fall, they fell upon Willie Dixon, 19, and thrashed him. Police said Prinz, a first year teacher and freshman coach at Wilbur Wright High School, was stabbed repeatedly by Dixon, who had been heckling and jeering him and the team for a poor performance. Sgt. Jack Peake of the homicide squad said he could find no evidence or premeditation or intent to harm Prinz when Dixon went to the practice field. “We had been scrimmaging with another team,” said Paul Greger, a player. “This kid had been riding Mr. Prinz and our team for not doing well in a scrimmage.”

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