Shot in front of Students – Harriet Robson & Minnie McFarren

On Feb. 2, 1960 — the school’s principal, who had been suffering headaches and odd behavior over the weeks before, shot and killed two teachers in their classrooms as horrified students looked on.

Fifth-grade teachers Harriett Robson, 52, and Minnie McFerren, 57, died almost instantly as a result of shotgun blasts leaving the children confused and scared as he moved on to the next classroom. Students later reported that the principal screamed at one of the victims “Hang me will you?” Shot and then calmly moved on. As the principal left the school he threatened other teachers and a custodian. Authorities said the principal had used the murder weapon to end his own life, about two hours after killing the teachers.

Students remember the teachers as firm but fair, caring and kind. Inquiries into the shootings revealed late stages of sever mental health. The students returned to the school less than a week after the shooting but the classrooms were left vacant for years to come.

To help honor Minnie McFerren and Harriett Robson