She Lived to Help Others – Cynthia Marie Tisdale

Cynthia Marie Tisdale, 63, was born in Thibodaux, LA on to Levy and Elsie Olinde.  Cynthia married her loving husband William Recie Tisdale, Sr. at the age of 17 and they have been married for 46 years.  She made it a point to stay at home and raise her children while her husband worked and ministered at a Baptist Church.This past year Cynthia enjoyed helping others so much she decided to go work as a substitute teacher at Santa Fe High School working with special needs kids. She has three grandchildren that attend Santa Fe ISD and one grandchild that graduated from there and a daughter-in-law Jennifer that also works for Santa Fe ISD.  As such, the community of Santa Fe is a large part of her family’s lives. She worked at the school not out of necessity but for the love of teaching and helping others. To know Cynthia, was to know a person who lived to help others. The tragic school shooting in May cut her life short.

To help honor Cynthia Tisdale