Ron Wallace

A high school’s assistant principal was shot to death and left in a burning school building, and a science teacher was charged with his murder.

The teacher was charge In addition to first-degree murder charges in connection with the death of the assistant principal, Ron Wallace, 41 and charged with aggravated arson for allegedly setting fire to the school while someone was inside.

Investigators allege that the teacher shot Mr. Wallace after the assistant principal surprised him as he prepared to blow up the school.

Wayne Qualls, the school district superintendent, said Mr. Givens might have feared that he was about to lose his job because several of the 850 students at the school had complained about him.

The complaints ”were that he couldn’t get along with the kids,” Mr. Qualls said, ”but not any real serious problems.”

The superintendent also said Mr. Givens, who has taught in Hickman County for 16 years, had personal problems, including having to care for an invalid brother, elderly parents and the family farm.

Mr. Wallace’s body was found in a hallway outside a biology laboratory after firefighters responded to a call.

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