Hero Principal, Susan Jordan

Amy Beverland Elementary school in Indianapolis, Indiana was home to Principal, Susan Jordan for more than 20 years. She watched over the children and served the school with pride. Every day Jordan could be found helping students onto their buses and sending them home after their long day. Jordan’s commitment to the school began to spread which encouraged several to move into this school’s community. One community member said “it was for all the good things we had heard about Principal Jordan and everything that was going on” (CNN Affiliate WXIN)

On January 26, 2016, it seemed like a routine day, when suddenly a bus having a mechanical malfunction started to jump the curb. Instinctively, Jordan pushed her students out of the way of any harm. Jordan was unable to get herself out of the way and lost her life to the bus. Jordan is remembered as a hero and will forever be remembered as part of her school.

To help honor Susan Jordan