Christopher Marshall and Ted Orama

Work days made Christopher Marshall so tired that when he came home his usual routine was to relax and take a nap before dinner. But the exhaustion, diabetes and the recent leg injury didn’t stop the single father from spending time with his sons and teaching them life lessons.

“He said he had to take care of his family. Now I have to do that, take care of my family,” CJ Marshall, 15, one of Christopher Marshall’s two sons, told The Palm Beach Post on Thursday.

Christopher Marshall, 48, a custodian at Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, and his boss Ted Orama, 56, of Greenacres, were found shot to death Wednesday morning inside a maintenance room on the West Palm Beach arts school campus. Christopher Marshall, whose wife died three years ago of brain cancer, leaves behind CJ and his younger brother Luis, 14.

“My dad is now gone,” CJ said. “I’m the next in line who has to take care of (Luis), whatever I need to do to make sure he enjoys his life.”

To help honor Orama and Marshall