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You Could See the Teacher in Her, Kim Riddle

riddleKim Riddle’s dream was to work with Knox County children in Knoxville, Tennessee and that dream became a reality in the Fall of 2014. Riddle was a kind, loving and godly woman who supported her church’s youth ministries and uplifted anyone she came across. Her co-workers said “You could see the teacher in her.” Her youth ministries classroom at Mount Calvary Baptist showed her love of teaching with bible images, and traditional classroom decorations to help her “children” learn. Riddle’s passion for children was evident in her church office. Her desk was covered with papers dealing with children’s ministry along with other memories of a youth minister and an educator who leaves behind a family, a church, and a school system. She dreamed larger than her teacher’s aide position and her ultimate goal to was to be in charge of her own classroom in Knox County. However, never turning down a teaching opportunity she completely through herself into the role she said was a dream position.

riddle 2







Riddle was riding on the school bus on December 2, 2014 when a terrible tragedy took her life. Police said a Knox County School bus from Chilhowee Elementary School was traveling east on Asheville Highway when the bus made a sharp left-hand turn and crossed over a concrete median.

The bus hit the side of another bus traveling west on Asheville Highway carrying students from Sunnyview Elementary School. The second bus flipped onto its side and continued sliding until it came to a stop across both west bound lanes. It was reported that when Riddle realized what was happening she threw herself over one of her students saving his life. Riddle was 46 when her life ended, but the sacrifice she made will never be forgotten by her students and loved ones.

3 thoughts on “Story of the Week!

  1. THese teachers will be forever live on in our country’s lives. Amazing heart-wrenching stories.

  2. Just found your site. You should list Principal TJ Melton murdered at school on November8,1971 in Grove, Ok. The info is on the internet. He deserves recognition too.

  3. My mom was a teacher for 47 years several different programs and classes. She passed away April 27,2020. I am looking to nominate her in the falling education. Her name was Sandra “Bell” Hession. She has touched many many lives including myself. What do I need to do to make this happen for her.

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