It was a Quiet Autumn Day — Henry Chiariello

bildeOct. 2, 1981, it was a quiet autumn day, a Friday, and Henry Chiariello’s 30th birthday.

The teacher was showing a film to his class at Greenville High School in South Carolina when, around 10 a.m., there was a knock at the door. A 17-year-old student, spoke to Chiariello in the doorway for a few minutes. Then, witnesses later testified, the student pulled out a butcher knife and stabbed Chiariello in the heart.

The teacher and wrestling coach fell into the hallway. One student used his shirt to cover the wound and a teacher cradled Chiariello until the ambulance came. As he lay on the floor, Tony says, Henry, a questioning Catholic, asked for a priest and asked his colleague to call his love, Dianne Hill, and his parents, who lived in Greenville.

Henry was rushed to Greenville Memorial Hospital just a few miles away. The first edition of the day’s afternoon paper reported that Henry was in critical condition. But after four hours of surgery to repair the internal organ damage and remove the knife, he died on the operating table.

To help honor Henry Chiariello


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