Far from Complete

Many have asked us here in the office what we plan on doing with our time now that the memorial is complete. Complete? To us the first stages of the memorial is done but we still have a long way to go. Our goal is to make sure no fallen educator has been missed. We are still researching names to add to the memorial. We are still finding information and photographs of those already listed on the memorial. We are still raising funds to pay for the memorial’s long term upkeep and phase two of the project.

slide-2Phase two will allow us to provide the stories we have put on this site down at the memorial. We are raising money for outdoor kiosk that can be used by visitors of the memorial to look up information on each listed on it. Every name on the memorial has a story that we don’t ever want to forget. They are more than a name. They were a person and we want our visitors to know more about these individuals that gave their lives to protect this countries most precious resource, our children, our future.

So for us in the Nation Teachers Hall of Fame office, this labor of love is far from complete. It has just begun.

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